Dear Dad

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The letter you will read below is written by me, the mom, of our 2 year old toddler, Kristoff. It's me putting myself into his world and trying to see his dad and our whole situation the way he sees it.

Learning from what I can observe from him and from the experience we had as a family of a seafarer, this is the letter to our dear Daddy Mark.

Dear Dad,

First, thanks for being part of the good looks. Mommy says almost all of the people in grandmother's hometown thinks that I am your little replica. What I believe is I got this all from her. I think I've been brainwashed by mom, don't you think so?

Dad, I miss you a lot. Seriously. I know you left. I heard from mom that you work in a ship sailing all over the world. I didn't understand. I still don't. What I only know is that you are not here with us.

But I see you in mom's little TV sometimes - the one where she can put all her fingers and press and press until the TV displays many things I still cannot explain (It's where I watch Bingo, Hickory Dickory Duck, Twinkle Twinkle Litle Star, and a lot more).

It makes me think that you live in that little space. That's why every time mom opens her little TV, I just stand or sit nearby or lie down on the bed waiting for her to call me when you appear on the screen. 

And I get very excited every time. So when she doesn't call me, I go to her and sit on her lap and wait with her.

Then, there you are. My daddy! Smiling at me and it warms my heart. 

I want to show off to you my best learned skills knowing that it's not every day that you get to see me.

Remember the time when we played peek-a-boo? How about when we exchanged flying kisses together? 

And then, that time when I told you avavuu...? Sorry dad, I still can't clearly say it, but it means so much to me. I get kisses from mom when I tell her that. Then that must mean very nice so I'm telling it to you, too.

I touched your face. I heard mom telling you "He wants to touch you". Your face was hard. Then I realized it's not real. It's not my daddy's face, but only the little TV.

One time, at the living room, mom was teaching me to say mama, mommy, papa, and daddy. I repeated all, except for the daddy. I saw mom's face amused. If only I can explain to her that the word daddy means so much for me. I only use it when I see your face - in pictures, or in that little TV.

Mommy knows my hobby is kissing your picture after watching the videos that I like before going to sleep. 
Mom said you will be coming home again very soon. I'm excited to see you again.

I love it when you tickle me from my armpit down to my tummy and in almost every part of my body. Let's do it again dad.

Thanks for sailing around the world. I heard that you are doing it for the good of me and mom and for my future younger brothers and sisters (I never wished to be an only child).

Thanks for being my daddy,

Mark Kristoff


  1. So precious. I like that you are relating to the little one; you are doing a wonderful thing, showing him how much you care about him. The visual of him being tickled and feeling so much love is heartwarming. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. What a wonderful idea! I think it's great that you took the time to try and see this experience from your son's perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hope your husband can find a local job so he does not need to leave you and your son for a time. It is a hard situation to be in the other part of the world, away from your family.

  4. What a sweet post. I love it. I just did this sort of thing for my son's birthday except I wrote memories and I hope he will read it when he is older.

  5. Such a heartfelt letter for your dad. I've always told my hubby, that I'd rather be poor with him than be rich but away from him... It's really hard for families to be separated separately... so many precious time lost between the parent-child and husband-wife.

  6. How beautifully wonderful I loved it. Your husband is blessed to have such a loving wife who honours him when he is away by keeping him so real to your little boy. My heart melted at avavuu!

  7. Awwww... this really makes my heart want to melt. Kinda made me teary. I think because I've got a 2 year old too and it makes me sad to think of what you must go through without your husband. This is so sweet.

  8. yay, such a sweet message, your hubby should read this...

  9. I like how the thanks for the genes comment. I was really a great contribution.hehe

  10. beautiful... this letter tugged my heart...

  11. I feel you.. my youngest brother works for a luxury cruise and is away for 6 to 8 months. He leaves his wife and two kids for many months... Sad but somehow they manage :)

  12. Your hubby and son do look very much alike. What a heartwarming post! It honors your husband not just for daddy's day, but everyday.

  13. Aw, so touching. I am speechless. Mommy can tell what's running inside our children's mind. Your Kristoff maybe too young to understand but he sure feel he is so blessed. May God keep you, your son and husband away from harm. Stay happy!

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  15. Cute naman ng letter, nakaka-touch. Very timely sa Father's day! God bless!

  16. This is so touching, I love how Kristoff expresses all his love and affection to his Daddy, I'm sure the Daddy get some inspiration. LOVE IT:)

  17. Very touching considering I am a dad too.

  18. happy thursday!

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  19. That's so sweet, Tin! Nakakaiyak ha.

  20. sweet! your baby looks like your hobby a lot.. cute! this post is perfect for father's day :)

  21. what a sweet message, na-touch ako

  22. touching letter perfect for father's day, for sure the daddy will love to read the letter..


  23. What a touching letter! Nakakaiyak naman.

  24. Cool letter written in the perspective of a son. I am sure the daddy will certainly treasure the message.

  25. Aaaawww. The letter was so cute and touching! :)

  26. Hello blogging belles! Thank you, your wonderful comments warm my heart, too. I read each one of them and you just don't know how much each of you have made my day. Mark sure loves this letter, I posted in his FB timeline at the same time when I posted it here. Happy Father's Day to all the great guys in your lives!


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