First Day of Duty and My Fears

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yeah, I already have work with pay and I'm done with my volunteer-work days. =)

Although, the DOH team emphasizes that the RNheals program is not an employment opportunity, rather a training program for unemployed nurses to increase our competency in public health nursing and we shall receive allowances or stipend only rather than salaries, the truth remains that this is already a big financial help for us. So, whatever the name, for me it's still work with pay.

I impressed myself today, hehe, reporting a few minutes before 8 am, since during my volunteering days, I was used to arrive 30 - 40 minutes late. Don't follow me.

Tardiness is my very weakness and that is something that I don't want to practice from today. So help me God. I have to master timeliness and overcome procastination.

Anyway, when I was there in the poblacion where our RHU is, I met one of my colleagues in the hospital where I used to work and he mentioned that his 3 year old nephew was hit by a tricycle. Suddenly, I just fear it could happen to Kristoff. I couldn't bear the thought! So I texted Charlene, our help, to remind about it.  Our house is just beside the national highway. We have a gate, but who knows?

I got a text from my mom-in-law asking about Charlene and Kristoff why they were not yet in MIL's house. That was already around 10:30 am. We already talked about it that during working days, the help should bring Kristoff in MIL's house. Mas kampante ako pag ganyan kesa maiwan sya the whole day with the help alone in the house. I got nervous, my goodness the help has stayed with us for almost 3 weeks pa lang and I am still observing her. MIL decided to check them out in the house na lang. luckily she met them on the way. Nawili daw sila ng TV kaya nakalimutan ng mag gora sa bahay nila mama.

Despite my fears about my son's safety, I have to be reminded that God is there and He will protect Kristoff like He protects me and his dad.

Anyway, there's still a continuation of the story. Next will by my yaya evaluation, facing the reality of having a maid/yaya in the house.

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