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Yolanda and my random thoughts

Monday, November 11, 2013

I know it's really hard to say that I hope everyone's doing fine tonight when I know that our brothers and sisters in Leyte are suffering from the devastating aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda.

It's depressing and unimaginable. And yet, it's very real.

But the good thing here is we can see and feel the Filipino spirit of bayanihan - Filipinos helping each other survive.

I sent M some clothes both mine and K's to give to the drop-off centers located in Bacolod City. Earlier this afternoon, my colleagues initiated a gathering of in-kind donations at the Rural Health Unit of our municipality. I am also grateful to know that other countries are extending their hand to us. I hope those who are gravely affected will recover as soon as possible.

Another storm is coming, and this time our area is listed under the Signal No. 1. I'm leaving everything up to God. He is in control, He still is. Isn't that comforting?

The storm has once obeyed him when He was with His disciples in the boat on that rough sea. Let's just have faith in Him. Faith is something that we shouldn't lose in times like this.

Tomorrow, our barangay health station will start the 3-day training course known as Mothers' Class. We don't have much to spend for this activity but I leave everything up to God. I will do my best to find for means to provide for everyone during this activity. The rest will be up to Him.

We will also be leaving for Cebu on Friday. But it's not a tour. We're going to attend the burial of my grandmother who lost it against pneumonia at the age of 94.

I agree that this can be considered a timely death, but the fact remains that an important person in my life and holds a treasured part in my memory is already gone.

That scares me.

Because I feel I need to be a lot tougher than who I was when they're around.

It's like in the song...

We're the ones who are next in line...

Now I'm missing her. I'm missing how she cooked! She's the best cook of homegrown vegetables. She loved us so much and yet, I didn't make to visit her when she's still alive.

I have regrets. I have regrets.


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