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Pregnancy Status: 23 Weeks and 5 Things I am Excited About

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today, I am exactly 23 weeks and 5 days in my pregnancy, and I feel normal. Thank God!

When I was pregnant with Kristoff, I was always in trouble with my mood swings. I felt terrible emotions, which made me didn't like the experience and was afraid to get pregnant again and fall into much deeper depression.

Then this pregnancy came, and I forgot about my fear. I am grateful not to feel the same during the first one. In fact, I never really craved too much for anything, and I don't have terrible mood swings. I'm thinking, could this be because of the different circumstance I have right now? Now that I'm 27, I feel empowered that whatever comes my way, I can handle it. So, is it all about perspective? Well, perhaps partly it is. But I consider this all a blessing that I don't have to go through the same pregnancy blues that I had during my first.

So 16 weeks and 2 days more, I will be holding this new bundle of joy in my arms! And now, I feel not just excited, but super excited of what our life would be. Did you know, I already had plans for Kristoff's fourth birthday and little baby's dedication ceremony next year! :) My pregnancy hormones are just amazing. Planned everything in a night.

Anyway, aside from the party planning, here's a list of the things I am excited doing (and hope I will):

1. Rearranging and decorating our bedroom. Of course, without spending too much.

I came across this blog: My So-Called (Mommy) Life and love what she did with her daughter's nursery.  Here's a photo of her DIY artwork. You can check out her blog to read more of her DIY nursery experience. :)


I am also toying the idea of making a DIY mobile. Found this one below:


Closely looking at it, I think it's just made of some sturdy paper, and it's very doable even with only minimal talent in crafting.

Felt mobiles are also love!


Our bedroom is just a small space, and I have here my home office desk. I wonder how to organize everything to make it nice and just "organized" looking. Anyway, I will be posting about it here, whatever I can come up with.

2. Preparing the crib!

Yes! Nearly 4 years have gone and two more babies (cousins) used Kristoff's crib. It's just justifiable to make it look like new again. :)

3.  Making his photo props!

I have always wanted to have a photo shoot. Hehe! Yes, but I've got no chance at all. So, I'll make this opportunity to make my new baby have one using my crochet photo props for our soon DIY photo shoot at home. I bet Kristoff would love it too, because I'll be making him as well.


Aside from all those fancy-pretty things that are on my list, when the baby comes, I am aiming to breastfeed successfully. I feel so determined, and I don't want to have another regret in my life. I also have thought of not using disposable diapers anymore. I'm going to be a cloth diaper momma! Haha! All these sound to be my ideal, but I can't say any final word yet.

I just want to enjoy this stage of my life, do my best and leave to God the rest.


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