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Recipe Test: Cocoa Crinkle Cookies

Sunday, October 19, 2014

One of the few things that relieve my stress, in addition to gardening and crochet, is baking. I am no expert, and in fact, I am struggling to perfect things out of the oven. It's just that I am attracted to the process of creating something, such in the case of crochet. In crochet, I love the idea of creating pretty things. In baking, I love the process of creating delectable treats that not only I could enjoy but also my son. Oh, well, another reason that I'm so into baking nowadays is because I'm more like of practicing the craft in preparation for having another kid in the house. To see Kristoff's face delight with my product is a wonderful thing! I'm so excited to see another cute face have the same expression. Or would he? I don't know yet, but I am still excited!

Anyway, after that feeling of deep longing for Nanay last Thursday (which, I just have known that my mom was feeling the same way that day), I got the urge to try a recipe I grabbed from Hershey's website. Only I used the local cocoa powder sold in the nearby store. I bet it's not the same quality taste, but Kristoff and I still love it!

I could call Kristoff now as a Cocoa Crinkle Monster! He could eat everything I made in a matter of one day!

Anyway, without anymore ado, here's the HERSHEY'S COCOA CRINKLE COOKIES.

I followed everything in the recipe except the cocoa powder. I only used Baker's Cocoa. To maintain uniformity of the size of the balls, I used a one-tablespoon measurement for each.

I baked it for a full 13 minutes in 350 F. And, here's the result.


I love it and posted photos on FB. I got one order for this one. :)

Have you also tried a new recipe grabbed from the Internet recently?


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