Christmas Worship Song Series -- A Strange Way to Save the World

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas is indeed a time of merrymaking, but we ought not forget why we do so. More than shopping sprees, parties, vacations, food and gifts -- Christmas must be a time to nourish our souls by reflecting the root of all the celebration.

It's the Christ in Christmas who came to the world as one of us in order to save us from our sins. It's Him we are celebrating and we are honoring in this season.

God himself became man, left his kingdom to suffer for the redemption of our sins, so that someday, those who believe in Him as their Savior will finally meet Him and be with Him in heaven for eternity.

What a strange way to save the world, isn't it?

But God is ever wise. And no matter what, because of this truth, we can only humble ourselves and say our big thanks to Him. For doing such a sacrifice. For showing us how deep His love is towards us. For just being so worthy to be worshiped. For being who He is.

The following song has touched me. I hope you can take some 5 minutes of your time to listen to it too.

My New Kitchen Tools

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

To be honest, I never bought anything for the household when my parents still lived with us. I was like so dependent on them.

Right now, it's still their house we're living in, but they moved to my grandparents' house as my late nanay and tatay (grandparents) needed someone to care for them.

So, with just us left behind, I have felt this feeling of being totally in-charge of the household. It was only since then that I bought some things for the household, especially for the kitchen.

Every time I visit my OB in Kabankalan City, that's also the only time I get to have the chance shopping, and the only shopping mall there is Gaisano Mall. So off I went, intentionally wanting to buy new kitchen tools that are essential especially when I bake.

I bought four items:

Loaf pan which served its use when I made banana bread.

Spatula set of two. They are very handy when frosting. Before, I just used spoon, and I found it hard to spread the icing well and neat on the cake. Spatulas are a must-have in the kitchen.

I remember one time, I took a mistake of accepting a birthday cake order from my neighbor. Yes, it was a mistake because at that time, I didn't have enough tools to decorate a cake. I didn't even have a spatula to begin with.

It became a very tedious task -- all because I didn't have the right tools, and the result was not good.

Mark helped me. The idea came good since I really could use an extra pair of helping hands. The funny thing was we went to the verge of fighting because both of us wanted to frost the cake on our own (I mean separately.), and we were running out of time! May timer effect pa! Haha! We were like in a reality show, and frosting the cake was the challenge to test our patience. Gusto nya, sya na lang (mas marunong ang peg), at gusto ko ako kasi ako yung baker/pastry chef in the story (feeling).

I learned two lessons since then. :)

Just have the needed tools and the proper skills first before accepting such a responsibility of making a birthday cake order. And show your husband that you are skilled enough so that he can trust you enough to do the job. Hehe.

Moving on, I also got myself a whisk! Finally.

And lastly, a llanera for leche flan

These are pretty basic stuff for someone who has just started baking. I plan on adding more to these kitchen tools. Hoping for it someday. :)


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