Beginner Cakes, Plants, and a Travel Blog. Am I So Inspired?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I can't believe I have been attending to so many things lately. It's like all those things that I was only dreaming about to learn and to do have been happening these past few weeks, even though I am due to give birth anytime from now. I am in my 39th week!

First is baking. I started baking cookies and brazo de mercedes in full swing last November to December to cater to the holiday demand. I got cake orders from time to time too, but it's only this January until now that I've been having regular orders. With "regular", I don't mean every day (more like weekly).

I'm still a beginner "pastry chef" kuno, and I know I would pale if compared to other bakers in my town, and I really look up to them. For me, I am just still testing the waters, learning everything I could and experimenting what better works for me.

My cakes are just simple, and I still have to teach and train myself to do better every time. Here's my latest order. This is a  surprise cake from my client to her special someone. The cake is sweet, and so is she! Ayeee!

Next is my fondness of plants. We bought plants ulit yesterday -- new ones to add to our collection. Call it addiction, but I know someday I can make money out of this.

Then, my family travel blog is already up! I named it Roads & Stories. We don't have an actual budget for the said trips, but I guess, that will be figured out soon. All I know right now is that I'm so excited about our adventures as we explore places. :)

If time is on your side, you may want to read my first two posts over there:

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These three plus the big arrival of my Baby Liam, the homecoming of Mark, the sweet satisfaction of having my preschooler beside me now, and God's promises to those who believe and trust Him -- they make me excited every time!

That's all for now folks. We will be going to Bacolod on Tuesday and wait till I give birth there before returning home. This may be the last post before I give birth, but I do hope I can still give updates next week.

Thank you for reading. Magandang buhay!

Lessons I Learned in January

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hello, month of love!

Truly it is! How have you been doing guys? Time flies so fast it's the second month of the year already. It's February, and it's the month when Mark and I first met (like met that made us see each other as man and woman, hehe).

Anyway, before moving forward, I'm gonna share the lessons I learned in January, and may we bring this wisdom to the coming months.

First is taking advantage of my skills or talents as well as the opportunities that come my way.

I was thinking kasi to stop crocheting and just give all my remaining yarns to my mother-in-law because she's into it, and she has a lot of made-to-order projects to do. But every time I see a notification on FB that someone has liked my crochet page sabay may inquiry about the hats I make, it gives me a tinged of hope. And I realize that not everyone knows how to crochet, and therefore I should be thankful about it and use it to benefit myself and others.

My latest project. See it posted on Yarn Grace Facebook page.

Kaya yun, even my page is only growing slowly, at least it is growing, and I still want to crochet. It is still a small extra income for us.

Second is learning to let go of my fears and entrust everything to God.

Because of my semi-traumatic experience with my first birthing, I had doubted my own body and in my capacity to birth normally. I fear that this coming birth experience will be the same.

But I knew I just have to let go of this fear, or I will never fully enjoy the process. So I have to hold on to something -- a promise that could keep me going and could let me abandon this fear to someone greater than I am. And I find this verse very helpful that sometimes I repeat it over and over in my head and say it with my voice out loud.

Third is to live life to the fullest. I know it sounds so general, so vague. To be exact, I'm thinking of traveling more often, and start a family travel blog to keep me inspired.

I desire to see more of the world together with my family, but I'm still figuring out how to do it.

It's kind of weird because I'm going to give birth pa, then I'm thinking of traveling na. Hehe...Okay. Maybe it's just me trying to distract myself of over thinking when the baby's really come out. :)

Just a little update. This is me after one of my one-hour walks from our house going to the farm.

That's all for me in January. Please share yours, and let's learn from each other in the comments section below.


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