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Why I Love the Rural Life

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The years I spent in the city during my college years and two years after that made me swore that I am not going back to the rural. But fate surprisingly played games with me as I married a guy who was from my hometown and was definitely in love with it.

Due to necessity, I moved here in this town, which is three hours from the nearest well-developed city -- with one mall, some bank establishments and offices like SSS and PhilHealth. I was, of course, hesitant because it was like giving up on my swearing not to live back here. It felt like giving up the life which I really dreamed of.

I always wanted a busy life. The rat-race kind, sort of. I was used to the busy roads that I could find in the city. I was used to accessible malls where I could feast my eyes during window shopping. 

And, I hated the simple life. I disliked being in a place that feels so boring. Or so I thought.

Now, I wonder why. I've come to realize that our place is so easy to love.

There's abundance in this town, and one needs not to have a clever eyes to see these blessings from the various food sources that are readily available here. We have the sea that yields fish... and the plains, with the farmers' toil, that yields rice. Fruit trees are everywhere. And if you don't have one, it is possible you have a neighbor or a relative who can share fruits with you or sell them for a cheap price to you. We have a rich and blessed soil.

Rambutan from my grandparents' bounty.

Dalanghita/mandarin orange/aranghita from their farm as well.

This place is also a place of love. My family is here. Every time we need each other, we can always be there. Physical presence is a big support. And I knew that especially when my grandmother died. Seeing people you knew were feeling the same as you is a kind of reassurance that it is okay to grieve and you have each other's shoulder to lean on.

I guess that you have guessed who these people are.
All the above reasons contribute to the third reason why I stayed here after being hesitant at first -- the abundance of resources and near presence of my family helps in maintaining the low cost of our living. We don't need to buy so much in the grocery stores as we can find food elsewhere, and we don't need to spend much just to visit my folks because they are just nearby. And, yes, low cost of living doesn't mean we sacrifice the standard of our living.

I also appreciate that our location keeps us in touch with nature. Living in the countryside, you can imagine where we live -- we live on a plain with the sea on the other side, the mountain on another and the clear sky above.

The Hinoba-an beach in the morning
Green as ever

Now, I can only smile at what I have. I don't say that I hate the city, because I still love malls and food establishments that I can't enjoy in the rural. But I say, I am happy and contented of where I am right now -- in the rural. A simple life is a happy life. I'm so glad I found it.


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